Insomnium veröffentlichen Video zu Revelations

Montag, 24. März 2014
Abelegt in: Metal News

Die finnischen Melodic Death Metaller haben ein Lyric-Video zu „Revelations“ vom kommenden Album “Shadows Of The Dying Sun” veröffentlicht. Das Album erscheint am 25. April über Century Media Records.

Markus Vanhala von INSOMNIUM kommentierte den Song wie folgt: “Revelations marks a milestone as a songwriting debut of mine as a „new guy” for Insomnium – as this is the first song i composed in this band. The song intro is flirting a bit to the Swedish metal side, but soon turning back towards the Finnish grand mourning in Insomnium-esque way. Vesa Tolonen who produced this lyric video found indeed the epic inner soundscapes of this song really well and flew with the music thru the forest and lakes over the moon and towards the sun!

Hopefully many will find it, many will keep it and many will turn towards our sun!“

Niilo Sevänen hat folgendes zu den Lyrics von “Revelation” zu sagen: “These were the first lyrics I finished for this album. Some poems by Finnish poet Uuno Kailas have influenced this text. The theme is not very dark or death metal in the end but… shall I say hopeful or empowering. I’ll leave it up to you to make your own interpretation.”